International Cocoa Initiative

“The owl can see that which others cannot; which is the essence of true wisdom”

- ancient lore
Project details:

Client: International Cocoa Initiative
Type: Evaluation
Sector: Development

Coverage: Global
Team: Glenn O'Neil with Christophe Lecureuil of CLC Consulting
Year: 2021

International Cocoa Initiative

Evaluation of ICI's influencing and advocacy work

Glenn O’Neil worked with Christophe Lecureuil of CLC Consulting to carry out an evaluation of the International Cocoa Initiative’s influencing and advocacy work for 2015-2020. The aim of the evaluation was to help ICI understand how its advocacy and influencing work in the past five years has contributed to changes in policies and practices related to child labour in the cocoa sector; and to inform its future advocacy and influencing work as part of its new 2021–2026 Global Strategy.

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