“The owl can see that which others cannot; which is the essence of true wisdom”

- ancient lore

The Owl RE team has worked on some 100 reviews, evaluations, training and strategies covering some 50 countries in the past decade. Following are major projects of recent years:

Support for knowledge and communications strategy and products in Kenya

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Evaluation of the Sixth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

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CHS Alliance

Humanitarian Accountability Report 2022

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DEMAC – Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination

Research study on diaspora humanitarian response

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International Organization for Migration

Evaluation of the Migration Governance Indicators Programme

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World Health Organization

Research on effective risk communication for the environment and health

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Geneva Centre for Philanthropy

Training Workshop for Credit Suisse on Impact Measurement

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International Cocoa Initiative

Evaluation of ICI's influencing and advocacy work

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Start Fund

Research on the humanitarian funding landscape, value and uniqueness of the Start Fund

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