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The Owl RE team writes and speaks regularly on evaluation and related areas. Our philosophy is to share as much as possible our know-how and beliefs on the exciting and topsy-turvy world of evaluation - as found on this page:

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Conversation and thoughts on evaluation: Intelligent Measurement blog >>

Evaluation reports & guidelines (publicly available) :

Evaluation of NRC’s Housing, Land and Property: 2011-14 (pdf)>>
Evaluation of Oxfam’s Global Leaders to Alleviate Poverty  (LEAP) Project (pdf)
Evaluation of NRC’s 2012-13 protection and advocacy work in the DRC (pdf)
Study of ACAPS analytical products (pdf)
Mid-point evaluation of Oxfam’s GROW campaign (pdf)
Evaluation of IFRC Disaster Law Programme (pdf)
Joint Standards Initiative Global Stakeholder Consultation Report (pdf)
Independent Evaluation of the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance Phase 1 - Executive Summary (pdf)
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - Review of the Central Register of Disaster Management Capacities (pdf)>>
World Health Organisation - Methodology for evaluation of neglected tropical disease control programmes at country level (pdf)>>
Evaluation report of the LIFT09 Conference (pdf)>>
Network mapping of the LIFT07 Conference (pdf)>>

Multimedia reports:
Video report of the Independent Evaluation of the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance Phase 1 (on Youtube)>>
Video report on LIFT09 France Conference (on Youtube) >>


O’Neil, G. (2013). Evaluation of international and non-governmental organizations’ communication activities: A 15 year systematic review. Public Relations Review, 39(5), 572-574. Read the full article (pdf)>>

Blogs, mash-ups and wikis – new tools for evaluating event objectives: A case study on the LIFT06 conference in Geneva from PRism, peer reviewed online journal: Read the full article (pdf)>>

”A Visual Pathway: Approaches and challenges in evaluation of IO/NGO communication campaigns” from Communication Director, Volume 2, 2007. Read the full article (pdf)>>

To Monitor or Evaluate or Both?
Measurement during the course of a project can guide your actions and make a final evaluation easier.”
Read the full article in the Measurement Standard newsletter >>

Training courses:
One day training workshop for communication professionals on evaluating communication programmes, products and campaigns (view presentation slides here>>)

Fact sheets:
11 hints for a successful evaluation (pdf)>>
Evaluating events and conferences (pdf)>>

Evaluating communication campaigns (pdf)>>
Evaluating communication products (pdf)>>
Evaluating networks (pdf)>>
Ten tips for better web surveys (pdf)>>
Hints for writing better survey questions (pdf) >>

“Fun” sheets:
Top ten excuses for not evaluating (pdf)>>
Top ten quotes on evaluation (pdf)>>

Presentation - Conference evaluation at a glance >>
(Presented at the Geneva Evaluation Network, March 2011 with Laetitia Lienart)
Evaluating Public Information and Advocacy Campaigns (pdf)>>
(presented at European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference, 1-3 October 2008)
LIFT07 Workshop: Do-It-Yourself Monitoring and Evaluation (pdf) >>

Presentation - Evaluation & luxury communications (pdf) >>
Presentation - Measuring communications (2008) (pdf)>>