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“The owl can see that which others cannot; which is the essence of true wisdom”

- ancient lore

The Owl RE team has worked on some 100 reviews, evaluations, training and strategies covering some 50 countries in the past decade. Following are major projects of recent years:


Research on Country-level Financing Solutions for Local Actors

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Evaluation of the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research

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Evaluation of Effectiveness and Relevance of Advocacy Approaches in Europe. 

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Monitoring, evaluation and learning support for the three year MIND campaign and project

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MSF (Doctors without Borders)

Lessons Learnt review: UNITAID Grant for MSF HEP-C treatment globally

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Inter-Parliamentary Union

Review of communication strategy, objectives and set-up

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International Telecommunication Union

Study on the evaluation function within the ITU

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UN Office of Geneva

2 day training workshop on social media

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Evaluation of corporate communications

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