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“The owl can see that which others cannot; which is the essence of true wisdom”

- ancient lore

The Owl RE team has worked on some 100 reviews, evaluations, training and strategies covering some 50 countries in the past decade. Following are major projects of recent years:

Oak Foundation

1 day workshop on strategic communication for staff

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UN Joint Inspection Unit

2 day workshop on planning and managing evaluation projects

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Swiss Evaluation Society

2 day workshop on “Integrating communication in evaluation”

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German Cooperation

3 day workshop on “Integrating communication in evaluation”

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Support for communications and advocacy strategy

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African Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA)

Evaluation of climate change resilience programme

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The Scout Movement

Methodology support for the evaluation of the global development project Messengers of Peace.

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Family Business Network

Evaluation of annual summit

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Evaluation of the Shifting the Power project

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