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Owl Research & Evaluation supports organisations in analysing, assessing and evaluating activities in the communications, training/events and development fields. Owl RE was founded in 2008 by Glenn O’Neil and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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    “A common-sense and cost-effective approach to evaluation selecting the most appropriate tools to meet your needs”

    Why Owl RE? In many cultures, the owl, a nocturnal bird of prey, represents wisdom, perception and silent observation. We adopted the owl as our symbol as we hope that we can provide our clients with an improved ability of seeing what is happening around them - as was thought of the owl in many ancient civilisations. But in some cultures, the owl symbolised the element of surprise and the bearer of news (good and bad). Evaluation can often bring you some surprising results - good and bad - but let’s not take the analogy and symbolism any further than that…
    Owl RE is a registered independent business in Switzerland (no. CHE-114.529.313).
    Owl RE is an associate member of AMEC - the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications.